“A woman who gives birth is a mother, however a woman who is compassionate is also a mother” – artist Rebecca Bonaci

Artist Rebecca Bonaci considers her pregnancy three years ago as an inspiration so that, through art, she provides a meaning to this voyage that apart from giving a new life, it also means an important role for a woman.

Rebecca Bonaci gave a significance to maternity in an exhibition at Spazju Kreattiv, describing maternity as a nine-month voyage that every woman experiences individually. Work on the exhibition started three years ago before the artist became a mother.

When I started the work, apart from thinking about my experience, I imagined how other mothers feel – my mother, my grandmother, past mothers. So I felt the importance of creating a dialogue between the past and what is happening today.

Bonaci says that she started with her photo portraits, a resemblance with her mother, grandmothers and previous women, adding that they also represent her daughter and forthcoming women.

Her paintings take visitors to many stages of conception, the change in a woman’s body during pregnancy, in birth and the connections between mothers during and after pregnancy. There are also phases that the artist personally took note of in her diary. The artists says that during pregnancy she also reflected on those mothers who did not necessarily gave birth.

When I was pregnant, I kept this diary with these thoughts because every phase has its difficulties…I also have a painting, a goddaughter. A woman who gives birth is a mother, however, the woman who cares is also a mother…there are varieties of a mother.

Rebecca Bonaci

“Ġuf” (The Womb) exhibition is being held at the Spazju Kreattiv in Valletta, with the support of the Malta Arts Council.

Source: https://tvmnews.mt/en/news/a-woman-who-gives-birth-is-a-mother-however-a-woman-who-is-compassionate-is-also-a-mother-artist-rebecca-bonaci/