ĠUF is a project exploring and celebrating contemporary motherhood through the visual art of Rebecca Bonaci. Motherhood and the figure of the mother are being examined in a cultural-historical, philosophical, psychological and artistic depth. The cultural-historical and societal changes that have changed the social position of women over this vast timeframe, have also changed the cultural norms and expectations associated with motherhood.

Malta Biennale 24'

Ġenna ta’ l-art (Utopia) This painting represents a romanticized vision of the Maltese Archipelago as it explores the concept of national pride, and emphasizes the significance of respecting one’s country for it’s successful development. Ġenna ta’ l-art focuses on the importance of greeting foreigners while maintaining cultural integrity.

Thiss CLAY


Rebecca Bonaci’s hand-painted homeware collection with Thiss Clay was an “effortless” collaboration
The collection, which comprised 20 hand-made pieces varying from vases to mugs to small plates, is the result of an organic relationship between the artist and studio, most of which sold out, with the last remaining pieces available at Camilleri Paris Mode.

Goddess Series


The "Goddess Series" delves into the essence of divine femininity, drawing inspiration from ancient mythology and contemporary narratives of womanhood. Each painting in the series is a reflection on the multifaceted aspects of goddess archetypes, seamlessly blending historical symbolism with modern interpretations.