Malta Biennale 24'

This painting represents a romanticized vision of the Maltese Archipelago as it explores the concept of national pride, and emphasizes the significance of respecting one’s country for it’s successful development. Ġenna ta’ l-art focuses on the importance of greeting foreigners while maintaining cultural integrity.

In this painting, Bonaci’s aim is to transport the viewers into a place full of hope, her Utopia. Where people learned to live together, helped each other, respected one another. A world withought division and labeling. A world where people learned to live and let live, where cultures merge and integrate, where people unite and help each other live the best lives possible. A Utopia, where people learn to appreciate mother earth and be selfless.

Of course, this goes against human instinct, it is a dream. A romantisized version of how it should be. Yet, maybe one day we will learn . There is hope, yet.