The Gracy’s Art Collection, nurtured by owners Greg Nasmyth and Samantha Rowe-Beddoe, is dedicated to playing a pivotal role in artists’ artistic journeys. It also serves as a remarkable reflection of the owners’ deep love for nature, mythology, and their connection to the history of the space itself. Dating back to 2018, the collection features works by established and emerging international artists. It reflects the owners’ deep passion for the arts, and art being an integral part of Gracy’s Art and Supper club.
The owners’ profound appreciation for the natural world is evident in the collection, where sublime and vibrant flora and fauna beautifully capture the wonders of nature through different applications.
Mythology holds a special place within the collection, as it weaves enchanting narratives and timeless tales into the visual representations. Delving into the realm of Greek mythology and Maltese history, the artworks explore the stories of gods, goddesses, and legendary figures.
Furthermore, the historical significance of the space in which the collection is displayed adds another layer of meaning. Having been a venue for entertainment through history, the artworks reflect this heritage through elements of dance, movement, and figurative depictions. The fluidity, the dynamic compositions, and the portrayal of human figures in motion all contribute to an atmosphere of vitality and celebration.
Through their carefully curated collection, Samantha and Greg have created a space that stands as a testament to their passion for these subjects and their desire to share their appreciation with others. The artworks not only capture the beauty and significance of these themes but also invite viewers to engage with them on a profound and emotional level, forging a deep connection between art, nature, and history.
Moreover, the collection serves as a powerful platform for amplifying the exposure of these artists by showcasing their works in a public space, expanding their reach to a broader audience. With hope that the increased visibility creates opportunities for further growth and advancement in their artistic careers.
The latest additions to the collection curated and led in collaboration with Marie Gallery & Art Advisory, highlight the collection’s commitment to support local artistic talent as well as invited artists to create works through their own connection with the space.
The Gracy’s Art Collection is dedicated to serve as a catalyst for inspiration, introspection, and connection with arts and culture. Thus, inviting you to embark on a captivating exploration of art and its profound connections to the world around us.



Maltese based artist Rebecca Bonaci, graduated in B.A Hons Fine Art in 2014 after which she pursued a career in tattooing, drawing and painting.
Bonaci’s paintings are mainly inspired by the Maltese landscape and female figures. Her work is a reflection of her deep connection to nature, as it seeks to capture the essence of the land in a way that is both ancient and timeless.At the heart of Rebecca’s work are female figures, which are inspired by the prehistoric remains found throughout Malta.
These figures represent the divine feminine that has been present in cultures throughout the ages.
‘In the painting ‘Artna’, Rebecca invites the viewer to connect with the land while celebrating the divine feminine. Artna, represents Malta as a sun goddess, emitting warmth through the sun’s rays.
Inspired by Maltese Prehistoric artefacts, the sun goddess symbolizes protection and nurture. Her presence imbues the painting with a sense of calm, serenity and a sense of belonging, reminding us of the nurturing qualities of a mother.
In this painting, Bonaci aims to present a bridge between past and present. The rugged coastline and deep sea depicted in the painting aim to interpret a stillness in time. ‘Artna’ is a reminder that our ancestral past is not only a source of inspiration, but it is also an integral part of our present, shaping our future.’


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